Who Cares Who’s on the Juice?

November 21, 2005

November 21, 2005

Who Cares Who’s on the Juice? There are times when the news seems worse than usual, and that time is now. Due to relentless terrorism, innocent people are losing their lives. We are still at war, and losing U.S. soldiers everyday. The economy is on a downward spiral and gas is so high people are staying home and ordering pizza. This in turn puts the pizza delivery person in the poor house because they have to pay for their own transportation. Locally, nationally and globally the news cannot get any worse.

There seems to be no hope for anything good to come to anyone. In this time of depression and despair, I look to our elected leaders to step up and intervene. I look to these educated and intelligent people in Washington to create some thoughtful and caring changes for the citizens of this country. We are supposed to be the luckiest people on the globe.

I keep watching the news and hoping for something new, creative and worthwhile to come from the House of our Representatives. But while I was hoping, Congress and the media are wasting their time with former and current professional baseball players investigating the use of illegal steroids. Did the war end? Is gas back to an affordable price?

The national news is making the steroid issue into a crisis. I can only imagine how disgusted the parents of fallen soldiers feel to tune in and not hear about their child dying in Iraq, but to watch our elected folks interrogate millionaires over whether they enhance their performance by putting an illegal substance in their body.

I would trade a drug free roster for a solution to our current problems. I would take a secure Social Security system over a clean first base player.

I plead with the powerful people in Washington to move on to what is important, our soldiers, our quality of life and our future in this wonderful country.

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