A walking study

January 23, 2009

I have kept a diary or journal since I was in middle school. They are in the basement in blue Rubbermaid bins. I have every journal, writing assignment and most notes passed between me and my friends that wound up in my book bag.

The first pages of my first diary are ripped out. I did that as a defensive measure in case my parents found it. It had become a goodbye letter.

I had decided to end it all on Valentine’s day in 6th grade. My parents were going to a party and I was going to be home alone. I was very depressed and had a plan and had written goodbye letters to everyone in my yellow Shirt Tales diary. Instead Amanda V called and asked me to go bowling. Luckily, that sounded like a lot more fun.

In 2004 I went High Tech and started a book of my journal compilations that read as a self help book on how to get rid of guilt. Being an adult child of alcoholics and a “victim” sexual abuse. I grew up great and have a (I think) stunning sense of humor over the whole thing. I was on a good clip of getting it all documented and edited on my new HP Pavilion computer that I bought on a whim at Best Buy (the happiest place on earth) when it went to hell.

I arrived home to my apartment in East Lansing after the New Year in 2005 to find my cool blue laptop stolen. The work I had done was gone. This is a long story, but Best Buy did refund the $1750+ because I put it on a Best Buy credit card. Of course I ended up running up another Best Buy bill on records and bubble gum instead of buying another laptop or considering it even steven.

I quit writing for a long time. I have grown up a bit. I will never destroy a piece of writing again. It is more important to produce an interesting piece than to be afraid of being embarrassed. It helps that I am a grown up now and that President Obama told us to be honest.

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