Passive Aggressive? I am getting Defensive

January 23, 2009

I awoke last night to The Monkees Stepping Stone playing loudly in my ear at 1:24 a.m. That is my ring tone for text messages.

It was a girl telling me how excited she is about an event tonight. This girl texts me all of the time.

I HATE TEXT MESSAGES and it ends today.

Last night I could not sleep (even with a Lunesta and an Ambien.) I have a lot on my mind. I finally was sleeping and awoke to that. Note to self: change ring tone to NONE – that will help.

When I give people the sign of my index and middle finger, it is not the well recognized peace sign, it is actually a “V’ for Verizon. I am asking for help on how to turn off the text feature on my phone.

Today I am going to call Verizon and get the answer. No longer am I am going to pay to be annoyed. It really isn’t the random change it costs to get the passive/aggressive message (Why can’t you just call me?) but it is the unpredictability of it) 1:24 a.m.? Really? Why? That is rude. I am a mother and I am old. Email, FB or Tweet, like a regular person… please.

I have so much anger in my today over this incident. I need deep breaths, less caffeine and Verizon counseling. There must be some kind of bundle that exists for $19.99 for the first six months out there and today I will find it. I am raising the bar.

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