Things you don’t want to hear while on a plane or in an airport

February 8, 2009

When you spend the day in an airport, you can’t help but hear things. And these things will start to bother you. Like this…”What is wrong with you people?” “Talk to you.” – This is the way the guy on the cell phone sitting behind me says goodbye to everyone he calls. “I thought you were with them.”

“We oversold.” “What flight were you confirmed on? “Good luck.” “Ty…Ty! This plane hasn’t even flown in here yet???” – Security men sleeping waiting for the wheel chair incoming to transport. They are also comparing how much they have made in tips. One has made $20.00… One has made only $1.00’s and $5.00’s another is going to find out who is in seat 35B… They heard he is a big tipper. “We are going down.” “I think they closed that place down because of all of the gays.” – A family man talking about how they got rid of all of the bars in Downtown Disney due to protests.

Then, on my way to the hotel the bus driver had lung cancer and nearly died coughing on the 417 – and he told me that Disney if laying off a bunch of folks. So far, I am not impressed, but I have never been a fan of cartoons, or real people. In fact, right now I really do not like anyone.

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