August 28, 2009

It has been a difficult time. Difficult time are words used by PR people to say shit storm. I am a PR person. First, Michael was in a car accident. Then, Bill died while riding his bike. Now, Carol is in a coma from an aneurysm. I hate the fact that I always have to spell check aneurysm. I have lost so many people to an aneurysm, why don’t I know how to spell it??? I decided to take a few days off. Griffin and I were going to relax today and then I was going to take him to his dad’s at 5:00 and I was going to have the night to myself. M has a show in Detroit and I was looking forward to a night out by myself. Michelle, Griffin’s step mom called me at 12:45 and … long story short we decided Griffin needs to switch schools. Right away. So, he is starting school Monday instead of on the 8th. This is a big deal for him since he has been at the same school since he was three.

With Griffin I feel we are E.T and Elliott. I know what he is feeling. I feel what he feels. This time though, I know this is the right decision. His old school was not good enough for him. He is too smart and he needs to be in the best school. It is going to be rough, but it is the right choice.

So, now I am bored and alone and making dinner. I might play pinball. I might not. My mind is tired.

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