Notes from Being Nobody, Going Nowhere

September 23, 2012

You will not gain happiness from sensual desire. Satisfying a sensual desire does not last.

Happiness is gained through insight. Insight is gained through being calm.

Loving Kindness,  Compassion, Sympathetic Joy, and finally Equanimity.  – Those are your four friends.

Patience. Determination. Ruthless Honesty.


We can never be truly right. Being right comes from our ego. We all have our point of view. Therefore, everyone may think they are right – using their own perspective and ego.

Good or bad- it is just happening. Good or bad it is just happening. Good or bad – it is just happening.

What is there to get worried about if everything moves – everything disappears?

We are all suffering because suffering is caused by craving and wanting. We will never have everything we want because what we want is fleeting. If we were given the opportunity to have something we love for a long time it would turn to misery. What if you were enjoying a wonderful meal made by a loving friend. You told the friend “This is the best meal I have ever had.” and the friend said “If you love it so much, why don’t you sit there and eat until tomorrow?” Then it would become miserable. No one would want to sit and eat for 24 hours. Or take a nice warm shower for 24 hours…etc.

If someone is making you angry – do not allow that. Think of them as a teacher. They are showing you something about yourself.

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