The root

January 22, 2009

I never knew until just now that the whole quote is “the love of money is the root of all evil.” Furthermore, I didn’t know that these words came from the bible of all places! How they hell did they know?

What would they think now with dollar figures of 300 billion being written daily in the headlines? My money woes are not as significant, but when you have none and need some, it might as well be the difference of pass or fail, live or die, sink or swim.

My son is getting braces on Monday and what I owe on Monday and what I have today does not add up. I have only myself to blame. Before I found out last week that he needed the work, I was living high on the hog, going out to eat, buying wrinkle cream and getting three Netflix movies at a time – Idiot. When will I learn? There is no money to spend. Ever.

I am selfish and only interested in the here and now, one of those instant gratification people. I have never been a saver. I already have a lot of credit card debt. I have already taken out a high interest loan to pay of the credit cards only to run up the debt again. Yet, I am not going to allow my little boy to have a seriously messed up jaw and mouth. It’s not too late to own up and take responsibility for my finances is it? I can do this. I can sacrifice. Yes I Can.