Let’s try this again

October 11, 2011

I am doing it this time. I am going to become happy, healthy, safe and successful.

I am tired of complaining about what is wrong. I am going to go for what is right.

I want to take a minute and identify what got me here. It’s important because it is all coming together. I have never had this much assistance before and it is unbelievable.

One colleague  started in on helping me clean and organize my office. Another started asking me to help with advice on men and we began hanging out socially. She also started complimenting me on my appearance – and that felt great.

One of the major changes was my boss EJ started bringing in the most beautiful and seemingly magical clothes. Clothes I would never be able to afford. I had gained some weight and really needed nice clothes for the talk show.

Once I started wearing these clothes, I wanted to be seen in them. I went out more and socialized.

Also, the Tigers and Lions started winning. Things were turning around.

I became more active on Facebook and Twitter. I quit deleting my posts thinking they were stupid. My confidence was up.

Then, an incredible thing happened. A friend sent me a link to a job that paid double what I make here. And it is a job I can do. I meet the minimum qualifications. I can do this job and I want this job. Getting this job will save my life. It will put me on the map. I will be able to support myself and G. Dear J offered to help me with my application material. She is the most incredible thing to come into my realm.

My current job is crazy. I do not feel my talents are noticed by leadership. I love my co-workers, but they can’t pay me in cash, they pay me in emotional support.

I called the doctor got in and got on some good-sounding medication.

My boss told me I should try cognitive behavioral therapy. I saw my friend on Saturday and she mentioned that she sees someone that does that (before I even brought it up) and she gave me her car. I called and have an appt. next week.

I have one more place to call. I want to be really closely evaluated about what is going on.

Things are all coming together and I think something really great is going to happen. I am setting it up so I can’t walk away or fail.

There are no coincidences.

Oh, and then I joined the LCC Bowling league and became obsessed with becoming a fantastic bowler. I bought a ball and shoes and my team is happy and ready to roll!

‘10 candidates functioning in a new world

It’s my favorite time of year, election season. This year, I am thinking about the role new media plays in a campaign.

How does a campaign protect their candidate from the bottomless pit of what is known as the internet? The first real new media push happened in the 2008 presidential election. Both President Obama and Senator John McCain used MySpace, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to reach voters.

In May 2001 when the Bush twins were caught drinking before they were legal, there was no Facebook. Even in 2008, when we learned that vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol was pregnant, the story, though big, did not go viral like news does today. Both of these events had to be dealt with after the fact with damage control.

Today, campaigns have the opportunity to get ahead of any potential threat. If you are running for office, it is imperative that you, your family and close friends are internet clean. The minute you begin to entertain a bid for public office, call your family and friends together for an information session on what new media will mean to your campaign. One bad post or picture can bring you down.

There are many choices of free software that instantly capture a screen, picture or video that can easily be saved as a file on any computer, flash drive or new media site. Ask yourself, “If I found myself in front of my boss or a judge, would I be able to defend my status or that photo?” What if you suddenly die? What would your Facebook wall say about you?

Assume someone is just waiting to see an inappropriate picture, status update or Tweet that they will use against you. All campaigns must perform a thorough scrub looking for potentially embarrassing posts. Do not give anyone the opportunity to find anything. If it is there, they will find it.

Personal status updates and entertaining photos can wait. For now, let’s keep it clean.

Logging Back In

March 31, 2009

If you have been reading this blog at all you know that I went on a Social Media sabbatical in mid- January. I tried to cut myself off from the online world. From Twitter to Facebook to Myspace to Texting and everything in between I quit.

I Googled myself on a regular basis to make sure that I could not be found.

Then, the unexpected happened. My employer got on the Web 2.0 train. Facebook was the topic of many meetings. Administrators started talking about Twitter as if it were some kind of legitimate mode of communicating with our number one follower i.e. our students. Sure, I knew how great Tweets were, but how did THESE PEOPLE?

So, it became apparent a couple of weeks ago that I would surrender and get back online. Then, tonight the truly unthinkable happened. My sweet little boy wanted something and he had “his own money” to buy it, but damn if they let a ten year old have a PayPal account or a credit card. So, eBay here I come. I created a new account and logged back in.

Now, I am truly scared. I have kind of a, well, let’s just say sticky tendency. It is hard for me to do things half ass. After my road trip of solitude this past weekend, and our upcoming pilgrimage to Graceland, I am b-r-o-k-e.

Good or bad, I am logged back in. I will probably go down in a blaze of public glory. See you on You Tube.

My mother is always the first to know when someone in her town dies. She is connected through the ‘prayer chain’ at church, the choir, her friends, the country club, community meal and so on. I always know when someone has died by the tone of her voice on my voice mail. “Hi, Teresa, this is mom… Say, give me a call when you get a chance…nothing urgent sweetie. Love you. Bye.” So, you can imagine my alarm when last week my sister who lives out of town knew of a local death before my mother. How was this possible? Sure, she works for a local paper, but the man who died was born and raised right here, how would my sister that lives 3 hours to the north know of his death within 3 1/2 hours? What? Did she give up on Atheism and join the prayer chain too? Not likely.

Turns out, she is on Facebook. And the four daughters of Bill, the deceased are on Facebook. And since they all went to the same High School, well, obviously they are Friends. So, Mr. L died around 4:00 a.m. and by the time my sister got to work at 7:30 a.m. his daughters had already updated their Status to reflect their recent loss. Take that mom! Social Networking at its best. This is fascinating, but is it morbid? Or, is it a very easy and convenient way to inform your friends and family of the news?

Back when I was on FB all of the time, a Friend of mine was part of a group that was holding an online vigil for a young man that was going to die any day. The group posted pictures, memories and play by play updates of his certain demise. I didn’t know him but I found myself visiting the page often just to see how he was doing. I felt a pang of sorrow the hour they removed the life support. I wondered during the day of the funeral how it went. Sick? I know. This was one of the many reasons I had to quit. Over the weekend my sister pointed out two helpful things she learned through Facebook the past week 1. Obviously was the death of Mr. L and 2. Was the date of her High School Reunion. I will not be surprised to see my mother join soon. After all, she just figured out how to send email. It is the logical progression ~ Especially when death is involved.

… has been unsubscribed

February 3, 2009

Again this morning I got the BLUE SCREEN. There is a Gremlin in my computer for sure. It is only a matter of time now before we part ways and I have to get used to a new one. I am going to fight that. I love this one. We really get a long well and the settings are completely set.

Later, I got serious about the unsubscribing project. I received my usual email from The Algonquin Hotel in Manhattan (you know the one where my favorite author Dorothy Parker used to hang out in The Oak Room and discuss the world with other authors)?

I searched my mind (which took about three seconds) and knew I am never going to The Oak Room. I have also been trying to delete my Trip Advisor profile. Seriously, who am I to advise anyone on a trip? This is a process. Everyday there is a new thing to give up. It is taking a long time. I am impressed at my persistence. Usually, I am such a quitter 🙂

You would think that in my never dying desire to leave every list serve, subscription, group, chat, forum, wiki, log, social network and the like that my computer would be efficient, lean and relatively healthy. So, you can imagine my surprise today when I got the infamous “Blue Screen of Death.”

I was typing a work-related email to a colleague who was not happy with a procedure that I developed to make the world a better place, and the screen appeared. I called the help desk, they told me to shut down, restart and hope for the best. Something odd is afoot, yet I will not retreat. I remember these incredible words


January 30, 2009

You can imagine the horror when while Googling myself I found a web page with an old work photo, former job title and an old hairstyle.

After several attempts I was able to log in, yet it was impossible to delete this mysterious profile. So, I did what any rational person would do. I changed my gender, name, email and location.

I have always wanted to live in this particular state, so it seemed like an easy move, no truck required. I don’t know how this profile was created and it irks me that it cannot be deleted. Also, I have spent the week unsubscribing to multiple emails such as The Smoking Gun, MSU Today, NCG Cinema Weekly Show times etc. I will be Spam-less. I will.