I was hoping that President Obama would shut down Guantanamo Bay by 12:37 on January 20, 2009. After all, there are people in this prison with no representation and no hope of getting out. They have been there for years and I saw Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay and it looked pretty, pretty bad.

But, Super President waited until January 21 to issue an executive order to have the prison shut down within one year. That may seem reasonable to some, but if I was an innocent person in a Cuban jail, I would be a little bummed. So, this ignorant girl from Michigan was let down… for a minute. Then, I felt relieved.

During his inauguration speech, and all through his campaign, this guy talked about responsibility of the American people. We are going to have to make sacrifices. We are going to have to work harder. We are going to have to be honest and …hm, what was that other virtue? Around 12:39 on Tuesday, I was starting to sweat, am I up for this? So, I have to say, this one year time table provided some relief in a very selfish way. Let’s pace ourselves. A year sounds good. I can get to work in a year. Things will be better in a year for me too.

I am sure I will have picked up the dry cleaning by then. I will have changed the oil by then. In a year, I will have certainly learned the ins and outs of Buddhism and probably even cleaned out the closets. Whew… the pressure is off.

See you 2010. Thanks Mr. President.