Pass the peanut butter

January 20, 2009

President Obama (oooh, that feels good) said today that everywhere we turn there is work to do.

I don’t think he was referring to getting an oil change, picking up dry cleaning, sewing on buttons, calling about a haircut, reading up on Buddhism etc. but that is what I am thinking about. I know there is big work to do in the world of service. I am going to get to that. I swear. Does parenting an Asperger child count?

Sometimes I wonder if working at a community college counts. But I know, who am I kidding? So, the change I am looking for from President Obama is my dry cleaning to arrive in my office by 4:00, my hair appt. to be made with Amy at Bella Rio in Old town on Thursday at 5:20 and the oil in my Saturn Ion to be changed. That is it for this week.

Maybe he can get to our high interest rate next week. Oh, and I don’t think the point of President Obama’s speech was for millions of people to return from their lunch hour and think “Sheesh, how can I possibly focus on work NOW?” but that is what has happened to me.

Let’s Sink Another Drink

February 1, 2006

Let’s Sink Another Drink ~ Time Slot 2/1/06

For the past five excruciating years, I have had an annual tradition. On the night of the State of the Union address I get drunk, but with ceremony. I start drinking an hour before the event to become slightly lit, while maintaining some sense of normalcy. I continue drinking during the speech while speaking to the TV. As the speech continues I begin to speak louder and louder until I am screaming. Then, either because of the alcohol, the loss of oxygen from yelling or a combination of both I develop an alcohol political black out.

The speech began with fan fare fit for a superbowl. All of the big name politicians were there. I especially enjoy seeing First Lady Laura Bush surrounded by the “diverse” folks she always invites to the event. Last night she chose a Muslim woman and an African American man. She is in the middle with her pretty pink suit and smile on. I love watching the camera work before, during, and after the speech. The shots of Donald Rumsfeld giggling with Clarence Thomas like a couple of teenage girls are priceless. When Bush entered – it reminded me of Rocky IV – you know the one where he fought the Russian – you knew he was going to lose, but boy was he optimistic. And why shouldn’t he be? No matter what the president says, he gets a standing ovation. Because there is so much to cheer about, I almost forget we are at war, and the economy is in the toilet and I am watching a roomful of crooks. Oh, but wait, I am drinking wine out of a box. My economic situation is in dire straits. I want my MTV!

The President, with his glued on smirk and looking like a puppet on a string, talked a lot about Liberty and Freedom declaring that the US will not retreat from the world. We will free the oppressed and be on the offensive. We will not second-guess ourselves. Unbelievable. ‘W’ has shown that he not only needs second-guessing, but first guessing too. He sold congress a bill of goods to get them to approve the invasion of Iraq. Now, almost 4 years later, We have no business being there. Apparently Saddam Hussein feels he doesnt need to be at his own trial either. Our troops need to come home NOW.

I know we are lucky to live in a country with liberty and freedom. I am exercising my freedom to bitch. I voted so I can. However the world is a big place and just because we have certain values, does not mean the rest of the world has to agree with us. We are not the perfect example of a country. Force only begets force. Lets clean our backyard before we go into someone elses. So, I am counting down the days to 08. Maybe then it won’t hurt so much to be sober.