Fortune Cookie Science

January 24, 2009

Fortune Cookie Science I have carried a fortune from a cookie in my wallet for a long time. It reads “Trust your intuition.” I don’t remember which celebratory dinner I received this fortune at, but it meant something to me. Scorpio’s are often told that we have a keen intuition, that we sense things that others may not. I work with a fine fellow Scorpio, and in the past week alone I have asked her twice “Look, are we ever wrong?” Yet being right most of the time can really stink, especially when you are right about yourself. I am the most self realized idiot I know.

Every once in awhile I am able to fool myself but it doesn’t last long, my true self reappears and I look in the mirror and there is my face along with my intuition and they reconnect like old friends. Although the Internet has been here since the early 1990’s it is so vast that it appears in the news from time to time by itself just for its own purpose. Recently, something was forwarded to me from a couple of years ago. The information written was nothing I hadn’t suspected. Some of the comments were things I have said myself, maybe even chatted about online. But to see it written by strangers was validation I wasn’t ready for. Sometimes being right can make you ill. You can have a sneaking suspicion about someone, that can almost be entertainment depending on your relationship, but when you learn you are right, when you learn you are not alone, when you learn it is a real problem and now it is in your life the suspicion is now real and ugly and no longer fun internet games. I keep my fortune cookie in my wallet. It is good advice. Knowing things can hurt. The real test and exercise is knowing when to do something about it – I haven’t been to enough Chinese restaurants to figure that one out yet.