Logging Back In

March 31, 2009

If you have been reading this blog at all you know that I went on a Social Media sabbatical in mid- January. I tried to cut myself off from the online world. From Twitter to Facebook to Myspace to Texting and everything in between I quit.

I Googled myself on a regular basis to make sure that I could not be found.

Then, the unexpected happened. My employer got on the Web 2.0 train. Facebook was the topic of many meetings. Administrators started talking about Twitter as if it were some kind of legitimate mode of communicating with our number one follower i.e. our students. Sure, I knew how great Tweets were, but how did THESE PEOPLE?

So, it became apparent a couple of weeks ago that I would surrender and get back online. Then, tonight the truly unthinkable happened. My sweet little boy wanted something and he had “his own money” to buy it, but damn if they let a ten year old have a PayPal account or a credit card. So, eBay here I come. I created a new account and logged back in.

Now, I am truly scared. I have kind of a, well, let’s just say sticky tendency. It is hard for me to do things half ass. After my road trip of solitude this past weekend, and our upcoming pilgrimage to Graceland, I am b-r-o-k-e.

Good or bad, I am logged back in. I will probably go down in a blaze of public glory. See you on You Tube.

I awoke last night to The Monkees Stepping Stone playing loudly in my ear at 1:24 a.m. That is my ring tone for text messages.

It was a girl telling me how excited she is about an event tonight. This girl texts me all of the time.

I HATE TEXT MESSAGES and it ends today.

Last night I could not sleep (even with a Lunesta and an Ambien.) I have a lot on my mind. I finally was sleeping and awoke to that. Note to self: change ring tone to NONE – that will help.

When I give people the sign of my index and middle finger, it is not the well recognized peace sign, it is actually a “V’ for Verizon. I am asking for help on how to turn off the text feature on my phone.

Today I am going to call Verizon and get the answer. No longer am I am going to pay to be annoyed. It really isn’t the random change it costs to get the passive/aggressive message (Why can’t you just call me?) but it is the unpredictability of it) 1:24 a.m.? Really? Why? That is rude. I am a mother and I am old. Email, FB or Tweet, like a regular person… please.

I have so much anger in my today over this incident. I need deep breaths, less caffeine and Verizon counseling. There must be some kind of bundle that exists for $19.99 for the first six months out there and today I will find it. I am raising the bar.